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PDX Montly Magazine

Winter is upon us and with that comes the season of gifting. As a community we come together to share stories, gifts, and hopes for tomorrow. Our friends at Portland Monthly Magazine have given us the gift of press coverage! Endless thanks- give this article a peek! - and stop by our Pop-Up Shop ;)

OPB: Think Out Loud
"The new streetwear t-shirt design company dfrntpigeon, run by at-risk and homeless youth, is launching a new product line about identity. The non-profit New Avenues for Youth teamed up with the branding company AKQA to mentor the young people. Ginny Golden, Group Creative Director with AKQA, and Olivia and Dani from dfrntpigeon, join us."
Oregon Live!

Hey check this out! The Oregonian has a wonderful article about dfrntpigeon!

Why the name dfrntpigeon? Pigeons are the hangers on in the fringes, the city pests you ignore on the sidewalk. These are labels marginalized youth have faced in their own lives, and they’re ready to prove they are much more.

Follow the link to get the whole article.