laundry service's pride was a RIOT

laundry service's pride was a RIOT


made in collaboration with laundry service and dfrntpigeon, this retro-vibe baby-soft ringer tee is a call back to the quirky aesthetic and political unrest of the 70s. the sharp contrast between messaging and art style speaks to the contrast between the “peace and love” hippie counterculture associated with the late 60s-early 70s and the political movements of the time: a righteous fight for civil, women’s, and lgbtqia+ rights, as well as the anti-Vietnam war protests.

this tee is part of our #createpride design challenge. every purchase and pre-order through the month of june counts as a vote— make your voice heard!

pre-orders will be taken online for the entire pride month of june, orders shipped out in july.

portlanders can purchase in-person at the #CreatePride block party on june 14th, or the waterfront pride festival june 15th-16th.

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