dfrntpigeon's stonewall riot brick

dfrntpigeon's stonewall riot brick


framed on a baby-soft 70’s ringer tee, this graphic shows the contrast between modern day pride and its origins. although distilled down to a family-friendly parade with police escorts and rainbow capitalism, the first pride was a riot.

50 years ago the stonewall riots occurred, often cited as a turning point in the LGBTQIA+ rights movement. police engaged in a violent raid against a known queer-friendly bar (the stonewall inn) that opened its arms to the most marginalized communities— trans people of color, and houseless queer youth. as the angry crowd swelled to 500+, they started to fight back: bricks were thrown, glass was shattered, and the world would never be the same. the first pride was a RIOT.

this tee is part of our #createpride design challenge. every purchase and pre-order through the month of june counts as a vote— make your voice heard!

pre-orders will be taken online for the entire pride month of june, orders shipped out in july.

portlanders can purchase in-person at the #CreatePride block party on june 14th, or the waterfront pride festival june 15th-16th.