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don't just rise, take flight.





transition is our inevitable truth: the only constant in life is inconsistency. nothing is permanent; as humans we are constantly growing, changing, and learning. we see this mirrored in nature- everything moves in cycles of transition. the tide rolls in, the butterfly emerges from its cocoon as a new creature, the lunar phases shift. it’s easy to fear change; we worry about what we leave behind when we move forward.
dfrntpigeon believes in the freedom and possibility of transition: we know the only thing scarier than metamorphosis is stagnancy, and we know the power in our resilience. as summer fades into autumn, we must keep our focus on the fresh skin which will replace what we have shed. a decomposing animal provides nutrients to the soil, a forest fire clears the earth for new growth. and just like nature, we adapt and bloom again.




We are here for the different ones. 

The strange, crazy, ugly ones.

The freedom-fighters.

Those who know what it means to

eat, sleep and breathe survival.

Who aren’t defined by the hand

they’ve been dealt.

We are here to show that

struggle made us better, not broken.

We are here to prove that

true beauty is imperfect.

And when it comes to adversity?

We don’t just rise above it,

we take flight.