Don't just rise, take flight.

Not your typical streetwear.


who we are

We are an urban apparel brand run exclusively by Portland's marginalized youth. The art we make is inspired by our unique experiences and perspectives on the world.

Our business model helps youth develop their creative abilities into a potential career path.

Our products aren't just fashion. They're powered by a larger social mission to help marginalized youth find a path to success, exit street life, and challenge the perception of youth homelessness. We're here to celebrate their differences and use it as a source of inspiration.





They call me the canvas slayer, because I slay canvas with my tools of creativity and raw powah. 


Big Gucci Cardo creates more anticipation than art. Just wait on it and find out. 


Surviving through facets of change and growing inconsistently with a consistent lack of sleep.


Art helps keep me stable(ish).



The most beautiful souls I've ever encountered have had some of the most disturbing lives. But we're groovy because of our survival skills, not in spite of what we've overcome. 



Fond of animals, cacti, Legend of Zelda, and being a reclusive rogue.



Trying to live poetry and surround myself with art and find power in sacred femininity. 



The pack mule and Business Manager